E1a Ebike-Tour through Berlin (Classic Tour or Berlin Wall Tour)

This guided bike tour will introduce you to some of the capital’s main tourist hotspots. To name just a few highlights: We will pass through the famous Brandenburg Gate and head to the political center of Berlin. There you will see the Reichstag, the House of Representatives and the impressive Chancellery in the government district. Continuing along the beautiful embankment of the Spree River, the tour will take us to Bellevue Palace, the Victory Column and through the Tiergarten park. Stopping at the Führerbunker, the center of the Nazi regime until the last week of World War II, we will learn some historical facts and hear various myths. Towards the end of our tour, we will visit what is known as Museum Island, Europe’s largest complex of internationally significant museums. Be warned: This tour will make you hungry for more!

E1b Bike-Tour through Berlin (Classic Tour or Berlin wall Tour)

During this tour, we will follow the course of the Berlin Wall, cross various former inner-city borders and stop at the official Berlin Wall Memorial on Bernauerstrasse. Cycling past Mauerpark, famous for its huge Sunday flea market, we will take a detour down Strelitzerstrasse. From there, 57 East Germans dug a tunnel under the wall and fled to freedom in 1964. Arriving in the government district, we will cross the Spree River to Brandenburg Gate, where in 1987 Ronald Reagan gave his famous speech “Mr. Gorbachev, open this gate! Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”. From there, we will continue our ride to the redeveloped Potsdamer Platz. Finally, we will end our Berlin Wall Tour at the most famous of the border crossings – Checkpoint Charlie.

E2 Using synergies - ECF Aquaponik-Farmsystems Berlin

Changing conditions in agriculture as a result of globalization, climate change and raw material scarcity as well as greater awareness among consumers towards environmental issues and responsibility are leading to a rising demand for regional products from independent growers. Industry and retailers have recognized consumers’ desire for “back to nature” and are responding with a steadily growing range of sustainably cultivated products. Aquaponic production brings high-priced, authentic food to the market, which improves the environment by adhering to the highest standards of environmental and animal protection, resource efficiency and transparency and the banning of hormones, pesticides and antibiotics. This sustainable and innovative approach, in turn, serves as a unique selling point in the marketing of the products.
Welcome to the ECF Farm in Berlin where you will find out more about ECF’s aquaponic technology and their innovative systems. You will also be able to watch the most important work processes at a commercially operated farm – and taste the freshly harvested products yourself.

E3 Visiting the Home of the German Environmental Agency and Bauhaus architecture

Starting with the fascinating architecture of the Federal Environment Agency (UBA) under the slogan “House as city, city as landscape”, our guided tour inside the UBA building will be followed by a walk around downtown Dessau where we will discover the city’s eventful 800-year history. Dessau is home to four World Heritage Sites and a place where the lives of many famous personalities have crossed. The 90-minute guided tour brings to life urban spaces and allows contemporary witnesses from different eras to have their say – uniting the city of Prince Franz and Erdmannsdorff, Moses Mendelssohn and Kurt Weill, Max and Wilhelm Müller, Junkers, Gropius, Kandinsky and many others in a richly contrasting picture. Afterwards, we will take a guided tour of the Bauhaus Building and gain a deeper insight into Bauhaus design and history. As the Bauhaus centenary “100 Years of Bauhaus” is currently underway, this architectural epoch is receiving a lot of attention and several events are being hosted in its honor.

E4: Bustour through the Garden Kingdom of Dessau-Wörlitz

…of outstanding universal value
In 2000, the Garden Kingdom of Dessau-Wörlitz was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The UNESCO World Heritage Committee justified its inscription as follows: »The Garden Kingdom of Dessau-Wörlitz is an outstanding example of the application of the philosophical principles of the Age of the Enlightenment to the design of a landscape that integrates art, education and economy in a harmonious whole.« During a tour by bus, we will be able to see the most important places in these vast gardens. Of course we will hop off the bus and explore their beauty during a guided tour.

E5: Pristeritz‘ nitrogen industry – Insights in the facility

SKW Stickstoffwerke Piesteritz GmbH is the largest producer of ammonia and urea in Germany, with a range that includes a wide variety of special agrochemical and industrial chemical products. In the past years, many innovative products have been developed there, true milestones in the agrochemical industry that are leading towards a more profitable and more environmentally friendly type of agriculture, as well as solutions to reduce exhaust gas in diesel vehicles. We will explore the plant in the framework of a guided tour and presentations will be held, with the aim of stimulating an interesting exchange of methods and examples.
Afterwards, we will continue to futurea Science Center, which is located on the market square in Wittenberg, right next to the Old Town Hall. In an arc of tension between the past and the future, chemical knowledge is imparted here in a lively way. The choice of location in the heart of the old town is also linked with the objective of combining culture and industry. The basic idea is to make the central and essential importance of nitrogen for all life on earth accessible to the public.

E6: Lusatian lignite field and its surroundings

Our first stop will be the Lusatian lignite field, where we will take part in a 90-minute tour of the steel giant. We will go up to an impressive 74 meters along safe trails. You will have a direct insight into the masterly design and engineering skills of the bridge builders and learn a lot about lignite mining in Lusatia. Breathtaking views over a landscape in transition complete this unique experience.
Afterwards, we will continue to the IBA Terraces for our lunch break and a tour with a view of the harbor and the vineyard. The IBA Terraces are home to the “Viktoriahöhe” viewing point. From there, you will have an impressive view over the former Meuro mine and spot the outline of Großräschen Lake. See how the open-cast landscape is turning centimeter by centimeter into lakelands and in so doing experience up close the largest change taking place in Europe’s landscape! We will learn some interesting facts during our walk on the IBA Terraces: The changing landscape, the history and future of the region – from open-pit mine to lake – harbor construction site, pier and vineyard.