Call for Papers

Dear Author!

INI 2020 would like to invite leading researchers, graduates and scientists working in the broad field of reactive nitrogen compounds and their linkages to humans and the environment to submit abstracts for oral and poster presentations on the topics below. Closing date is 31 October 2019.

No more abstract submission! Submissions have been reviewed already and first-authors have been informed about the decision of the Scientific Committee.

INI 2020 topics

  1. Nutrition and lifestyles
  • Nitrogen-related global inequalities of the food system
  • Responsible consumption and production and feedbacks in the N cycle
  1. Agriculture and food
  • Livestock production and nitrogen
  • Optimizing the efficiency of nitrogen use in crop production
  1. Ensure health, clean water, air and cities
  • Nitrogen air pollution affects human health
  • Reduction of nitrogen in wastewater to ensure clean water and sanitation
  1. Combat threats for biodiversity
  • Threats for terrestrial biodiversity; understanding of nutrient cycles and biosphere-atmosphere interaction
  • Threats for aquatic biodiversity by nitrogen flows – understanding of nutrient cycles
  1. Observing global challenges, fluxes and interactions between different drivers and pressures
  • How nitrogen influences our climate
  • Global assessments of the biogeochemical nitrogen cycle: Observation and modeling
  1. Closing the N cycle: Innovations for sustainable N management
  • Closing the N cycle: Innovations for sustainable N management
  1. Integrated science and policy approaches – Socila and public awareness
  • Integrated approaches: From science to policy
  • Educational aspects, public awareness, risk communication
  1. Special and opening and concluding sessions
  • Nitrogen and the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Different continent views on nitrogen

For further information on these topics, please visit the Scientific Program page.

Author’s account

Authors should ensure that the topic is important and relevant to the chosen session and conference themes. Please create an author’s account in order to receive your log-in address before uploading an abstract.


Abstracts should not exceed 500 words plus heading and bibliographic references. It is highly recommended that you use the INI 2020 template, since it includes the specifications for each part of your contribution (title, authors, abstract, section titles, main text, figures, etc.). Please compile your paper in English and be sure to check it for orthographic errors. You can download the template here. Abstracts which are too long will be rejected. Please indicate the format of your contribution (oral or poster).
We ask for your understanding that it is not possible to upload more than three abstracts. The closing date is 30 September 2019. At least two independent reviewers from our Scientific Committee will decide whether or not to accept your contribution. We will inform you of their decision around mid-November.
Once a paper has been accepted, at least one of the authors must register for the conference and present it at the conference.


Abstracts of all accepted contributions will be included within the abstract system, which will be distributed to all registered conference participants. We will publish particularly important contributions to INI2020 as full papers in a peer reviewed scientific journal.

We are happy to announce that IOP Publishing has agreed to a joint special issue from INI2020 in Environmental Research Communication and Environmental Research Letters  (open access journals). Some members of the Advisory Committees will act as Guest Editors of this issue. The Guest Editors will select from the abstracts received and contact potential authors according to expected quality and suitability to either of the journals.

We are currently negotiating to provide support for publication fees for a small number of contributions to this special issue. If your submission relies on such a support, please send an e-mail to the guest editors at ‘winiwarter(at)’.

See you at Berlin!
The Organising Committee

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